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EQT VAG/MQB Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended / Required Modification List

What type of products and services do you provide?

How does it work when it comes to buying a used Accessport?

How do I find out what my ECU/TCU ID is?

What is your average turn-around time for tuning?

Can you explain Cobb's Custom Features? What is NASKD?

What is your recommendation for consumables like Oil or Spark Plugs?

What Diverter/Blow-off valve do you recommend?

What's with these unknown codes popping up in my AccessPort when I scan for trouble codes? I don't have a Check Engine Light?

How do I reduce knock? I see knock feedback in my monitors...

What gauges should I display on my AccessPort?

What are Burbles? And how do they work?

Is there compressor surge or turbo flutter when tuned?

Are the torque and performance related monitors in the accessport accurate?

How can I install a logging list to my accessport? Why does it not let me start logging?

How do I perform wastegate adaptations with Cobb Accessport?

What kind of power output is expected from your tunes?

A word on Expected vs. Realistic power from our tunes

Will your tune get rid of "Rev Hang?"

Performing a DSG Relearn

EQT Staged Tune Change Log