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EQT VAG/MQB Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended / Required Modification List

Tips and Tricks - Ethanol Blending

Burbles / Pops and Bangs

What type of services do you provide?

How much do your tuning services cost?

What is your average turn-around time for tuning?

Can you explain Cobb's Custom Features? What is NASKD?

What is your recommendation for consumables like Oil or Spark Plugs?

How do I find out what my ECM/TCM ID is?

What's with these unknown codes popping up in my AccessPort when I scan for trouble codes? I don't have a Check Engine Light?

How do I reduce knock? I see knock feedback in my monitors...

What gauges should I display on my AccessPort?

What is Burbles in Sport, and how does it work?

Are the torque related monitors in the accessport accurate?

How can I install a logging list to my accessport? Why does it not let me start logging?

How do I perform wastegate adaptations with Cobb Accessport?

What kind of power output is expected from your tunes?

A word on Expected vs. Realistic power from our tunes

Performing Basic Settings of the DSG

EQT Staged Tune Change Log