EQT Horsepower Club

EQT is proud to show off our customers accomplishments and them achieving their goals! 

Those showcased here are happy customers who have reached their Horsepower Goal, whether it be the first first stepping stone or the ultimate goal. We're happy to be apart of their journey in pursuit of that crowning moment very few car guys get to reach in saying "Finally! My car is done"

Shuvam Bhagat's 2019 GTI is well on its way to the 500 horsepower club, but made a little pit stop in the Mid-400 Range! This car has huge potential! All he'll need next is more fuel delivery, but for 91 Octane Pump Gas with just Autotech HPFP Internals to deliver more fuel to the DI system, he's killing it! 
Shuvam GTI

This 2019 GTI is featuring an EQT Vortex Turbocharger and EQT Custom Tune via Cobb AccessPort generating 457.5whp and 443.5wtq!
Shuvam Dyno

Paul Bishop's 2017 VW GTI is making some seriously jam! Paul put down a solid 511.8whp and 435.19wtq on E60 Fuel.

His GTI was able to achieve this utilizing an EQT Vortex XL Turbocharger paired with his EQT Custom Tune via Cobb AccessPort. Accurate boost pressure data is being delivered by his A2B Motorsport Map Sensor Kit.
To keep his car as cool as possible he also outfitted his GTI with a DO88 Intercooler.

To keep the fuel flowing Paul has outfitted his car with Autotech HPFP Internals to beef up his DI system, and a Precision Raceworks 925cc MPI Kit to take care of his Port Injection needs and being supplied with fresh fuel by a Precision Raceworks Stage 3.5 LPFP Kit controlled by a TorqByte PM4 Control Module

"Not a bad way to spend 10 Grand" - The Fast and the Furious (2001)

This next car is really a wild one! Jason Chevier's 2017 VW GLI, that's right folks, a non-MQB GLI. These cars are the oddball of the VW tuning world as there is almost no support for these Simos 18.2 powered car's and yet somehow these GLI guys pull some wild miracles out of their behinds to make power and cut some crazy fast track times!
I could go on for days with the mod list on this car as it's such a unique setup, however I can say that despite the lack of tuning and fueling options for this oddball year of GLI (2013-2019), Jason has managed to mate up an an EQT Vortex XL Turbocharger to his Gen 3 Non-MQB Engine, somehow fuel it with E85, and put down 510.4whp at an astonishing early 5990rpm and make 473.2wtq at 5100rpm!
Jason Dyno


Brendan Burke's 2015 GTI boasting 509.4whp and 443.5wtq is one mean street machine! 


 Powered by an EQT Vortex Turbocharger running 29psi through his  EQT Discharge Pipe Kit. Fueled on E30 with his EQT Custom Tune Via Cobb AccessPort.

Brandan Burke Dyno


Daniel McGee Golf R
Out of Frisco, TX we have Daniel McGee's 2017 Golf R laying down a solid 560 whp and 510 wtq on a Mustang Dyno. This car really shows off what you can gain from a built engine. While Paul and Daniel are only separated by about 50hp, this built block Golf R is able to extract an additional 75 ft-lbs of torque!

Daniel's Golf R like many others in the HP clubs, was able to achieve this level of power utilizing an 
EQT Vortex XL Turbocharger running around 35psi with his EQT Custom Tune as well as an EQT DSG Tune via Cobb AccessPort.

This Golf R really is the "1 + 2 = 3" combination featuring a Precision Raceworks 1300cc MPI Kit, a Precision Raceworks Stage 3.5 (525) LPFP Kit controlled by a TorqByte PM4 Control ModuleThese 3 parts are the power making combination without a doubt when joined with an EQT Vortex Turbocharger


Brian Dixon's Golf R 
Another heavy hitter out of Texas, Brian Dixon's 2019 Golf R is knocking on the door of the 600 HP club with 584 whp and 559 wtq! Another great example of a built engine and built cylinder head utilizing the potential of the EQT Vortex XL TurbochargerA whopping 123.8 torque gain over a stock engine!!

Brian's Golf R follow's a very similar 1, 2, 3 combination for Horsepower.
Step 1, Control the Power Cobb AccessPort with EQT Custom ECU Tune and EQT DSG Tune with High enough Resolution Sensors such as the A2B 5 Bar MAP Kit 

Step 2, Upgrade the Turbocharger to an EQT Vortex XL, remove restrictions with an EQT Discharge Pipe Kit, and keep it cool with a performance intercooler

Step 3, Fuel it up with Ethanol fuel through MPI and an upgraded LPFP. Brian's car is running the Precision Raceworks 1300cc MPI Kit and a Precision Raceworks Stage 3.5 (525) LPFP

With this combination and a proper set of tires, you too can get your Golf R or S3 deep in the 10's! We're proud to say Brian is currently the Fastest EQT Vortex XL Powered car on the road with a lightning fast 10.390 @ 133.78 MPH. We're hoping to see a High 9-second pass out of this car soon with a better tire setup. 


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