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EQT Zero 2 Hero Power Kit (Typhoon) - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T/2.0T


  • $ 6,260.48
  • Save $ 35000

The Mega Zero2Hero (Z2H) Power-Up Kit is designed to take your EA888.3 Powered MQB Vehicle from Stage 2 to a fully fueled up EQT Typhoon setup*!
*Built Motor HIGHLY Recommended

EQT has handpicked all of the best parts to assemble this kit taking all of the guesswork out of what you need to make full power!

The Zero2Hero Kit includes:

  • Cobb AccessPort 
  • EQT Custom Tune (Single Octane)
  • EQT Typhoon TCU Tune (DSG cars Only)
  • EQT Typhoon Turbocharger 
  • EQT Discharge Pipe Kit
  • EQT Sensor Package (5 bar TMAP & PUT)
  • EQT Tsunami Surge Tank LPFP
  • EQT MPI Kit (1300)
  • EQT Full Monty Swag Package
  • Blaze AToM v2

For more information on each product see below.

Suggested Supporting Modifications / Optional add ons:

Cobb AccessPort

Cobb AccessPort is one of the most versatile handheld tuning devices available to the MQB Market allowing the end-user to have 24/7 access to important engine metrics via Cobb Monitoring. Flashing with Cobb is as easy as a few clicks of the device and waiting for the ECU to do its thing. 

Data logging has never been easier, with one button to start and stop, no complicated menu systems, or the need for a laptop. Your datalogger is only ever an arms reach away. 

EQT Custom Tuning to take advantage of your setup and provide a powerful yet safe tune to ensure Uncle Rodney stays in the block and doesn't come knocking on the door for Christmas. EQT Custom tuning has made a name for itself by having exceptionally smooth power delivery, flat torque curves, and safe reliable power gains day in and day out.


EQT Typhoon Turbocharger

EQT Typhoon Turbocharger is our latest offering to the MQB Market. The turbo has been tested and proven to make over 660whp and a top choice for those who have built motors and are ready to push beyond our Vortex line. 

EQT Sensor Package


EQT Sensor Package allows your vehicle to make power beyond the factory sensor limits. The EQT Vortex Turbo is only starting to sing at the 29psi limit of factory sensors. With our Upgraded sensor kit, your Vortex or other upgraded turbo can sing to its heart's desire. While it's unlikely you'll ever need to max out this sensor kit, the EQT 5 bar TMAP allows up to 58 psi of boost pressure! Our EQT 5 bar TMAP is a 100% stock location installation and allows for hassle-free installation!

Fueling Components

The EQT Low Pressure Fuel Pump provides the low side fueling required to take full advantage of the Precision Raceworks Multi-Port Injection Kit enabling you to run any fuel of your choice, either Pump Gas or Ethanol.

The Precision Raceworks MPI Kit comes with all of the needed parts to do a proper MPI installation on either your stock Intake Manifold or on an EQT Euro MPI Manifold.

 Full Monty Swag Pack

Every EQT Zero2Hero Kit includes the EQT Mega Swag Package 

EQT Euro Manifold

**Optional EQT Euro Manifold for the absolute easiest Installation!

EQT Euro Manifold allows a super easy installation for your favorite port injection kit, no drilling or heatcerting/nutcerting required! Designed to mimic the OEM European Intake manifold all you have to do is swap the components from your stock manifold to ours and you're ready to go! Less fuss, less mess, less downtown. 

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