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EQT Vortex Turbocharger (VW MQB Mk7 GTI, Golf R, Audi A3/S3, Audi TT/TTS)


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***Due to high demand for Vortex Turbochargers, we currently experiencing an increased lead time of roughly 3-4 weeks***

Our EQT Vortex is a complete bolt-on turbo that is manufactured with all brand new components and includes new installation hardware (pictured). The housings are modeled after the OEM IS20/IS38 turbochargers for proper fitment, but they are all brand new and original castings made and machined for the specific wheels we use. The turbine is a TD06SL2 wheel measuring at 61mm/54mm and the compressor is a custom billet wheel measuring at 53mm/71mm base with a 76mm extended tip design. The entire turbo is manufactured, assembled, and VSR balanced in a state of the art facility. The EQT Vortex is good for 450-480whp on pump gas and over 500-600whp on race gas or E85. Note that upgraded fueling and supporting mods are recommended to take full advantage of this turbo.

When developing this turbo upgrade, we were aiming for a good balance of response and overall power potential so that the turbo would be a pleasure to drive on the street as well as on track. As a result, the EQT Vortex offers excellent spool and response throughout the powerband along with a very flat torque curve that carries nearly to redline. We also sized this turbo to be a perfect match for the stock engine internals and control systems. The EQT Vortex makes excellent power in the 27-28psi range which allows it to work very well on pump gas and stay within range of the stock MAP sensors. Check out the dyno chart below which shows the EQT Vortex on 91 Octane and on an E30 blend as well as the same car on the stock IS38 turbo. The setup on the car remained exactly the same aside from the turbo kit and tuning. This test car still has the stock cat-back and a catted downpipe, so there is plenty more power to be had!

Here is a chart showing how quickly the EQT Vortex can spool. This was done on the road in 4th gear (2015 Golf R DSG) on E30. You can see that the turbo hits 27psi right at 3000RPM and holds it to redline with ease. You can also see that the Intake Air Temperature barely moves through the entire pull. This shows how efficient the turbo is at these boost/power levels. 

EQT Vortex XL

Building upon the success we had with the standard EQT Vortex, we now offer the Vortex XL model. The key difference in the Vortex XL is a larger turbine housing. While the standard EQT Vortex uses a turbine housing based on the IS20 turbo to achieve unrivaled spool, the Vortex XL uses a larger housing based on the IS38 to allow for more top end flow. The result is that the Vortex XL spools 300-400RPM slower, but offers an extra 20-40whp depending on fuel and setup. The XL can hit 30psi by 3400RPM and can hold up to 35psi all the way to redline!

With the Vortex XL, we have now seen up to 600whp along with low-mid 10 second 1/4 mile times. The Vortex XL turbo currently holds the 1/4 mile record for any IHI based bolt-on turbo for the MQB platform, while still being one of the best spooling options on the market. The record pass was a 10.46 @ 131.5mph and was accomplished at only 30psi on our stock motor and stock transmission shop car. Our car is still on the stock motor and transmission, but now its running 34-35psi and making around 40whp and 50ft-lbs more than it was at the time. We hope to see some very low 10's soon! Here's the current time slip and video of the record setting pass:

Here is the most recent dyno of our shop Mk7 R running the Vortex XL on E85 on a completely stock engine at 34psi. This is an aggressive tune for a stock engine, but we're still limiting torque to try to keep the internals together. Check out that flat torque curve! Besides being a daily driver, this car also gets abused regularly on the drag strip and the local road courses. 

Here's another dyno chart showing the Vortex XL on a Mk7 Golf R with a built motor and all the supporting mods to take advantage of the turbo. The green curve is on 91 Octane at 30-31psi and the blue curve is full E85 at 34-35psi. Incredibly, this car is still running the stock catback exhaust!

Here is a chart showing the spool of the same car on 91 Octane:

And here's a video of this car going from a stop to 140mph!

Please also check out the various dyno charts at the top showing different cars around the country running our Vortex turbos. These include GTI's and Golf R's from basic setups to full builds on various types of dynos. 

EQT Turbo Discharge Pipe Kit

To compliment the additional flow of the EQT Vortex, we developed a package which includes the turbocharger, 2.5" turbo muffler delete, 2.5" turbo discharge pipe, and silicone hoses. This package allows the EQT Vortex to perform optimally and is highly recommended.

Fitment: All VAG MQB (Mk7 GTI, Golf R, S3, A3, TT, TT-S, etc)

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