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EQT ECU Staged Tune Update


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If you have previously purchased one of our ECU Staged Tunes, use this page to update to the latest version. This only applies to updates for the same car and modifications as the original tune you purchased. If you want to change fuel type or stage of tune, you will have to purchase a new Staged Tune. If you want to change selected options for a previously purchased tune (launch control, traction control, burbles, etc), please use this link: Staged Tune Options Change

Current versions - v2.01 - V2.50 Depending on year/model

Change Log

9/22/2020 - V2.50 (2019+ GTI/GLI Only)

  • Fully revised Stage 1 and Stage 2 files. Refined using in house test cars.
  • Revised throttle mapping for better response and more consistent and smoother drivability. 
  • Revised boost control strategy to address underboost codes experienced by some cars at high altitude.
  • Burbles fixed. They now work the same as other model years.
  • Released E30 Stage 1 and E30 Stage 2 files. 

5/10/2020 - v2.01 (Fuel Cut Bases Launch Control Files Only)

  • This updated only affects v2.0 tunes with the "Cobb Launch Control (Fuel Cut Based)" Option selected. If you have a v2.0 file with "LC" in the file name, please contact us to receive an update. 
  • This update fixes an inconsistency in Cobb's fuel cut based launch control that can cause excessive boost levels during prolonged launch control activation in some conditions. 

4/25/2020 - v2.0 :

  • Major update to all ECU Staged Tunes. 
  • Added support for Jetta GLI
  • Added E30 Staged Tunes for Stage 1/2 Golf R and 2015-2018 GTI
  • Resolved factory inherent diverter valve control issue on all GTI tunes. This is an industry leading improvement that we discovered and resolved by identifying the necessary ECU tables and working with Cobb Tuning to add these tables to their AccessTuner software. This allowed us to control the DV and fix a factory tuning issue that was causing drivability issues for many GTI's.  This issue was most commonly noticed at part throttle operation around 3000RPM and around 40-50% throttle. Before the fix, the ECU would keep the DV open, bleeding boost and creating a feeling of lag. Then it would suddenly shut the DV and result in an odd surge of power. With our fix implemented, all our GTI tunes now drive smoothly and responsively without any such lag/surge feeling. Those drivers who are picky about drivability will greatly appreciate this update. 
  • Refined boost control, ignition timing, fueling targets, cam timing, torque and throttle tables for all models to improve drivability, power, and consistency. 
  • Revised low end boost curves to minimize compressor surge/flutter. Some slight flutter can still occur on certain setups and conditions, but it is minimal and not a cause for concern in terms of performance and reliability.  
  • Peak boost targets set to 27psi at sea level (with a healthy taper at the top end to keep the turbo healthy and efficient). Boost targets and taper will vary based on elevation.
  • Revised burbles options for more consistent activation.
  • Resolved issue that prevented some 2019 vehicles from activating burbles. 

9/20/2019 - v1.10 (15-19 R, 19 GTI); v1.25 (15-18 GTI):

  • Revised boost targets, ignition timing, and fuel timing for improved performance and drivability. 
  • Significant power bump for 15-19 GTI. 
  • Refinements in Cobb custom feature settings. 
  • Refinements for burble options. 



  • Initial non-beta Staged Tune release. 

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