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EQT ECU Tune Options Change - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T/2.0T


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If you have purchased an EQT ECU Tune and would like to change selected options (Launch Control, Traction Control, Burbles, etc) use this item.

Note: Select all options you want on the file just as if you were buying a new file. Example: You already have Launch control and burbles in sport but want to add Traction control and keep what you had before, Select Burbles in sport, Launch Control, and Traction control. If you only select Traction control, it will be assumed as if you want this file to ONLY have Traction control and nothing else. If you want to ensure clarity of what you need, enter the full feature list in the comments box of the order to avoid confusion.

Special Note: The stage of the tune, the fuel type, or model year (like changing from a 2015-2018 ECU type to a 2019+ ECU type); these require a new tune purchase.

Direct Injector Upgrade / Change 

With this new feature, you're able to upgrade to Golf R Injectors (06L906036AK and 06L906036AE) on your GTI/A3/GLI and maintain a staged tune. No need for custom tuning.

MY15-18 injectors are manufactured by Bosch and are known to be more reliable than the later 19+ Continental Injectors. If your 15-21 A3/GTI/GLI is experiencing injector issues this is a great option for you to upgrade to a more reliable and higher flowing DI Injector buying additional headroom for fuel.

Injector flow rates by engine:
EA888.3 1.8T = 15cm³/s (1.8T gain 25% more flow)
EA888.3 2.0T IS20 = 17.5cm³/s (IS20 cars gain 12.5% more flow)
EA888.3 IS38 = 20cm³/s (19+ IS38 cars gain reliability from the Bosch vs. Conti injectors.)

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