In this article we're going to compare EQT to a couple of our leading competitors, while these competitors will not be named, their pricing will be listed according to the latest available information.

For this example, we're going to be using a Mk7 GTI looking to go to Stage 2 setup including both ECU and DSG Tuning.

First, let us review our own offerings, what benefits you get by choosing EQT, as well as what exactly you get for your money. While we offer both Cobb AccessPort and EcuTek software solutions for your MQB VW / Audi, we're going to focus this overview on the Cobb AccessPort

For $675 you get a multifunction tool that is a Flash Tool, Datalogger, Gauge Viewer, Code Reader, and overall a useful tool to have. This piece of hardware is not locked to your VIN Number like some competitor’s flash tools and holds a high resale value because it's not locked to a VIN, and if you were to upgrade from your GTI to a Golf R you can keep the same AP, Cobb will need to reprogram it but it's a lot cheaper than buying a new AP! Your AP also comes with all of the Cobb OTS tunes preloaded.

You have the option to purchase your AccessPort (AP) with or without DSG Tuning allowing you to progress with your vehicle in steps, or "stages," as can be done with many of our competitors.  The DSG Unlock / Flashing upgrade is $400 and for that money, you're granted access to all of the Cobb OTS (over the shelf) DSG tunes and the benefits that come with it.

Real quick we're going to get away from the cost aspects of the Tune, and purely review some of the benefits of an EQT Staged Tune. Ed is always at the race track and daily driving these cars, we don't just buy them to do some WOT Pulls, make a couple of dyno graphs and then sell the car.

Each car is daily driven under all conditions, and any little thing that doesn't quite feel just perfect is subject to revision. Or any condition that occurs on the race track that could be a touch improved is subject to a revision. These revisions come at an extremely low price, for a huge array of upgrades and updates. ($25)

Sure, you might say, "Well why release the tune if it's not 'done'?" Well for all intents and purposes, the tune is 'Done'. It will make great power, drive well, and be reliable. However, as every car enthusiast knows, no car is ever "done."

Let’s say you install an MPI Kit on your car and that was the last part you needed to "finish it" while the kit is installed on the car.. over time you might find you want to change things, maybe upgrade a fuel line to a larger diameter, maybe spice up the bay by changing those hose clamps out for AN Fittings, polish up the fuel rail, powder coat it? Was there anything wrong with the kit when you installed it? Not at all. You just saw the opportunity for improvement and took it, or maybe you discovered a better way to utilize the kit.

Now back to the costs, when purchasing your AP, DSG unlock, and Tunes together, we have great bundle deals to save you money. If you're not able to take advantage of the bundle deals, we still offer very competitive pricing that delivers unprecedented quality.

An EQT Staged Tune regardless of Stage or Octane is $175. There is no upcharge for a Stage 1 to Stage 2 Tune, it's simply a purchase of a new tune. With that staged tune you have the option to select your stage, and your octane, as well as if your vehicle is equipped with an upgraded High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP), something that our competitors don’t offer. Note that when you bundle the EQT Staged tune with your AP purchase, you save $75!

If you purchase the DSG unlock with your AP, or on its own, you're provided another bundle discount option for the EQT DSG Tune at the same discounted price, $100 vs $175.

With all this said, the advantages of the AP, the advantages of the included OTS Files, and the benefits of the revised EQT Files, where do we end up? $1275, plus whatever shipping speed you select.

I could go into custom tunes and the advantage to take your vehicle beyond the realms of the traditional "stage 2" setup, but that's not what this comparison is about.

Now let’s do a heads up comparison between two leading competitors.

With the two competitors, we're going to discuss, there are no upgrades beyond an OEM Turbocharger (IS38), No support for upgraded HPFP's, no tunes for E30 fuel, and definitely no support for MPI.

But for the sake of our comparison, none of that is really applicable but definitely worth mentioning.

Competitor 1

Competitor 2


ECU Tune



$100 (Bundled)

DSG Tune



$500 (Bundled - Including Unlock)

Flash Tool








Both of these competitors’ tools are locked to the Vin number, and while some have the ability to flash multiple vehicles if you had more than 1 car. The resale value is exceptionally low. Sure these flash tools are cheaper than a Cobb AP, but do they offer you the same value for your dollar? Well, that's up to you to decide. 

With these competitors, there are no revisions, no updates, you get what you get and if you don’t like it, that's too bad. In the Military, we would call this a "Fire and Forget weapon" once it's been used, it’s cooked. Not able to be used again. 

As mentioned in the summary of costs with the two competitors, there are no upgrades beyond an OEM Turbo Upgrade to an IS38, which you may only be looking for IS38 power I suppose that's fine. But I personally can't justify the cost to buy into a brand that literally caps how far I can progress with my car and if you wanted to go beyond what they offered you would have to start all over.

With EQT your options are virtually unlimited to whatever you can bolt onto the car. Want to start off by dipping your feet into the water of the aftermarket with a Stage 1 tune with all stock hardware, we have you covered. If you want to do a full-blown race car with a built engine, port fuel injection, and a monster turbocharger, we still have you covered. The Sky is the limit with EQT.

Thanks for reading!

- Dave At EQT.
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