Finally got a chance to do some in house testing on one of our new beta MQB turbos and it did not disappoint! This Golf R has a built block and un-ported head with upgraded valve springs. The transmission is all stock so we limited torque to around 500ft-lbs to keep the clutches alive until they get upgraded. The car has all the other usual supporting mods and is using a dual walbro setup for fueling.
This pull was one on E85, reaching a peak of 43psi of boost at 7000-8000RPM. We're at the point of maxing out the 4 bar PUT sensor and certainly the stock clutches, so we didn't go any higher for now. The wastegate was still under 80%, so there is potentially a bit more power to be had. Once the clutches are upgraded and we can bump up torque, I'm confident we'll see very close to 700whp around 6500-7000RPM. Not too shabby for a completely bolt-on turbo on a 2.0l!
FYI, this is on our new dyno calibration as of 2021 which reads 6% lower than before. For reference, our tried and true Vortex XL all out maxes out at 560whp on this dyno.
Before anyone asks, we have a handful of these turbos out in testing and if everything goes smoothly we expect to release them toward the end of the year. We do not have any more test units available.