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Snow Performance Water Methanol Nozzles -VW/Audi MQB/e 1.8T/2.0T/2.5T/4.0T

Snow Performance / Nitrous Express

  • $ 43.73

The Snow Performance Hyper-Sonic water-methanol injection nozzleis the worlds best selling and most advanced water-meth nozzle. Constructed out of 100% methanol resistant stainless steel/zinc plating, the patented Hyper-Sonic design spins the fluid to supersonic levels before forcing it through two venturi shaped orifices to create the Hyper-Sonic micron droplet mist that has become the industry leader in water-methanol technology. Complete with a removable 80 micron filter, the Hyper-Sonic nozzle can be cleaned and re-used on any application. To unlock power hidden within your water-methanol injection system replace your nozzles with Hyper-Sonic nozzles today!(1/8" NPT Threads)

Snow Performance / Nitrous Express now offers new Nozzle sizes that have a much fine range of adjustment. Older style nozzles had a large gap between the #5 and #6 nozzle.

While EQT can source any size nozzle you wish, the options have been capped at 16gph. If you require a larger nozzle please contact customer service via email.

Use the Jet sizing chart below 

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