The Stock Porsche 718 fuel pump is one of the biggest barriers to making more horsepower in the Turbochargered 2.0 and 2.5 Cayman Boxster.

How can the RMS E85-600 fuel system help without a specific tune?

The stock pump has a maximum pressure of 3,000 psi so when your car needs more fuel than can be delivered at that max pressure the DME pulls timing and reduces turbo boost. Just when you want it!
We have seen on stock 718s where the DME will request as much as 3600 psi in high load scenarios. More typically high load requests are generally under 3200 psi and often seen over 3,000 in the 3,100s.
The RMS E85-600 will benefit cars tuned with tunes such as APR to Cobb. The stock 718 pump output is tiny compared with the fuel systems in the six cylinder P cars. The 3.0 TT Carrera with only 385 hp to 450 hp has two of the same 718 turbo HPFP’s (double the fuel.) Even Porsche recognizes the need for more fuel at these power levels. This is one of the area’s that the 718 was under built.

The RMS E85-600 is an easy drop in upgrade to get 70% higher fuel pressure. The book time on the HPFP install is 1.5 hrs but would say it’s a 3 hour job for an amateur wrench.

The RMS E85-600 is a brand new high quality fuel pump that has been modified to fit in the stock 718 pump location. The install kit a plug and play wiring harness and fuel fitting to install in your 718 without permanent modification. Your stock pump can be refitted at any time.

Getting a tune to support the RMS E85-600. Or Not.

RMS is working with many tuners around the world optimizing an E85-600 specific tune. Current results are producing ratings of 600 plus wheel hp on gas and 550 hp on E85/Ethanol. The pump can be installed without an E85 specific tune. After installing your pump let the car idle for a few minutes before driving for a few minutes to allow the Bosch DME to recalibrate the fuel pressure delivered from the pump. This is “adaptation” in Porsche speak, and it happens automatically.

Technical Details of the RMS E85-600 high pressure fuel pump

  • Bosch Pump – Same manufacturer as the OEM pump
  • Strengthened internal valves and components to enable a continuous 350bar maximum rail pressure throughout the engine speed range
  • An increase of up to 70% additional fuel delivery compared to the standard HPFP.
  • Increased plunger diameter by 10%, resulting in 10% more fuel volume per pumping event.

Performance Range Stock 718 HPFP Pump

  • Only 400 whp capable on Pump Gas or Race Gas
  • 450 whp on EQT’s e30 tune (ethanol must be mixed and can not run straight E85.)


  • 600 plus whp capable on Pump Gas or Race Gas
  • 465 whp (so far) on straight E85 (with no mixing needed on EQT E85 tune.)

*Note: Capacities above depend on fuel used and available to end user, specific Custom tuning, and many other factors/conditions which can play a role. Please reach out to your Tuner for specific information pertaining to your needs. EQT is currently working on a Cobb comparable tune but many cars around the world are running Straight E85 with their software and the RMS pump. This pump will allow your tuner to get more power out of all fuel grades 91, 93 and race octane tunes. Race gas or E85 is not needed to enjoy the fueling advantages of the RMS E85-600. The 718 turbo will benefit from no longer having lean conditions and allowing any tune to always hit target fueling settings.

What is E85 and why should you use it in your 718 turbo?

E85, also known as flex-fuel or ethanol blend fuel, is a type of alternative automotive fuel that consists of a blend of ethanol and gasoline. The "E85" designation indicates that the fuel contains approximately 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Ethanol, the primary component of E85, is typically derived from renewable sources such as corn, sugarcane, or cellulosic materials. So we can thank those folks trying to use less petroleum for this high performing fuel!

E85 fuel can be purchased at select fueling stations that offer flex-fuel options. These stations are equipped with special pumps that dispense E85 alongside traditional gasoline blends.

Using E85 fuel in turbocharged engines is a popular way to allow higher boost levels, creating more power. E85 supports higher boost because of the higher octane rating. E85 also has a higher heat of vaporization compared to gasoline, meaning it absorbs more heat during vaporization. This can lead to a cooler intake charge, reducing the risk of detonation and allowing for more aggressive tuning.

Higher octane and a cooler intake charge lets a tuned engine run higher boost and create more power. So why don’t more car owners use this fuel to increase performance? It comes with a few challenges.

The primary challenge when using E85 is that it is less energy dense than pure gasoline, so higher quantities of fuel are required for the same power levels. Modern car engines and fuel control systems are built to very specific power ranges, and don’t often have enough headroom to deliver as much E85 as needed when tuning is performed.
In the 718 Turbo the fuel system is limited in delivering larger quantities of fuel based on the stock High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) and the Fuel Injectors. No matter how much a tune increases the Duty Cycle (the time the injectors are open and providing fuel) there is a limit reached based on the maximum fuel pressure that the fuel pump can deliver. In Direct Injection motors like the Porsche sports car engines built since 2009, the HPFP handles this job and creates quite impressive fuel pressure, 3000psi. However, to use more of a less energy dense fuel, pressures almost twice as high are required at high power levels (high boost and high RPM).

The path to using E85 or just getting more pure gasoline in the engine.
Until now, there wasn’t an option to increase fuel pressure from 3000 psi in the 718 turbo. Raggdoll Motorsports (RMS) now offers a Bosch HPFP that can deliver 5000 psi and fits in the same location as the stock pump. The RMS E85-600. This pump allows for use of E85 fuel with an appropriate tune, as well as more aggressive tunes with pure gasoline.

RaggDoll Motorsports HPFP - Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman/Spyder 2.0T/2.5T (982)

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RaggDoll Motorsports HPFP - Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman/Spyder 2.0T/2.5T (982)

$ 1,980.00