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Grease Gun for 034Motorsport Sway Bar Kits - Equilibrium Tuning, Inc.

Grease Gun for 034Motorsport Sway Bar Kits


  • $ 27.00


Designed for use with 034Motorsport Sway Bar Kits, this heavy-duty mini grease gun makes lubricating your 034Motorsport Sway Bar bushings a breeze.

The 12” flex hose with a zerk connector allows you to easily attach to the zerk fittings found on all 034Motorsport Sway Bar brackets, and quickly regrease the bushings with zero disassembly of the brackets.

This gun is designed to be used with 034Motorsport’s PTFE Sway Bar Grease tube, found on our website.

NOTE: On average, we recommend you check/grease your bushings every 6 months for safe upkeep, or if you hear the bushings start to make any sound .


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