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EQT Hot Sauce

EQT Swag

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We rumored this release for several months, and it's finally here! Equilibrium Tuning INC's EQT Sauce, now in bottle form! These spicy concentrates are best served with Gapplebee's 2 for 1 menu.

We are thrilled about these sauces, and hope you'll enjoy sharing some of that sauce with the competition!

Stage 1 Sauce:

  • Heat Level: Mild/Medium
  • Flavor Profile: Mexican
  • Sauciness: 15000 gaps

Stage 2 Sauce:

  • Heat Level: Medium
  • Flavor Profile: Caribbean
  • Sauciness: 20000 gaps

Full Send Sauce:

  • Heat Level: Full Send!
  • Flavor Profile: It's hot man!
  • Sauciness: Some say he's silly, but he's still gonna #sendit!

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