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EQT DSG Staged Tune (VW MK7 GTI/GLI/Golf R, Audi A3/S3)

EQT DSG Staged Tune (VW MK7 GTI/GLI/Golf R, Audi A3/S3)


  • $ 175.00

The Cobb AccessPort now offers support for the DSG transmission in your GTI and Golf R. When you purchase an AccessPort with DSG support (or upgrade), you will be able to flash your TCU. The AccessPort comes with several basic off the shelf maps which are a great step up from the factory DSG calibration. 

As usual, we take the good and make it even better! We spent months and over 60 revisions developing our customized DSG calibrations. Like most DSG tunes, we raise the torque limits to allow for higher clutch clamping force which allows us to run up to 475ft-lbs on the stock clutch packs. We also raise and optimize the full throttle shift points, add the gear display indicator, disable auto-shift options in manual mode, and add a multi-level launch control system. 

But the majority of the work and refinement goes into fine tuning the part throttle shift points and shift speeds for every mode. This means that in Drive-Normal mode, your car will drive spiritedly, yet very smoothly while retaining excellent gas mileage characteristics. You will find the TCU holding RPM higher and downshifting sooner than stock, keeping you in the powerband and keeping transitions very smooth. In Sport mode, our tune really transforms the car by increasing shift speeds considerably, as well as really optimizing shift points for aggressive driving. As a result of our efforts, we've been getting rave reviews on the general driving characteristics of our tune. It's something you have to drive to fully understand. 


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