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EQT Custom ECU Tune - Honda Civic Type R 2.0T (FK8) - Equilibrium Tuning, Inc.

EQT Custom ECU Tune - Honda Civic Type R 2.0T (FK8)


  • $ 600.00

About Our Tuning

The Honda platform comes with incredibly sophisticated engine management systems from the factory. Working with these ECU's requires an intimate knowledge of engine dynamics and software engineering to be able to properly understand and modify the functionality. Luckily, we have decades of experience in both fields and wasted no time in refining our strategy for the new FK8 platform.  Countless hours of in house dyno testing, drivability road testing, and track torture testing go into the development of our calibrations, so you can be sure your car will perform optimally while retaining excellent drivability characteristics and a healthy margin of safety built into every tune.

We go way beyond the standard fuel, boost, and ignition adjustments that are common in the tuning world. We spent the time to go through and map out the complete torque control system, the complex ignition control and knock detection systems, the sophisticated turbo and airflow modeling systems, the fuel management and injection timing systems, and countless other parameters. The end result can be felt any time you drive the car on a track, a fun road, or even for your regular grocery run.  We also offer all the custom features from Cobb! 

More About Custom E-Tuning

Custom tuning is critical to ensure proper operation of your vehicle when aftermarket products are introduced. Our custom tuning calibrations for the Civic Type R FK8 platform deliver consistent and safe power while maintaining drivability. We've already begun our calibrations and can't wait to provide results. 

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