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EQT Balanced Line Coilovers (VW MQB MK7 GTI, GOLF R, AUDI A3/S3, AUDI TT/TTS)


  • $ 1,249.00

Our EQT Balanced Line Coilover Suspension was developed and torture tested on our own Mk7 Golf R. Our car sees daily driver duty as well as very aggressive track days and back road driving. As a result, our suspension had to provide a perfect balance of ride quality and all out handling performance. At the softest setting, our coilovers offer a firm but very smooth and controlled ride for your daily commute on bumpy public roads. When you're ready to hit the track or twisties, use the 24 way adjustment knobs to easily dial in dampening to achieve optimal handling and lap times. The front adjusters are at the top and are easy to get to under the hood. The rear adjusters are located at the bottom of the strut for easy access under the car without having to use a jack or lift. 

The ride height is adjustable independently of spring preload and offers enough adjustment to go from slightly higher than stock ride height down to completely slammed if you prefer that aggressive look. With the independent height adjustment, there is no need to change preload and sacrifice shock stroke when you change ride height. 

The fronts come with pillowball top mounts while the rears will use your factory or aftermarket top mounts. Our pillowball mounts are comprised of two main parts: A SUJ2 Steel bearing, and a Chromoly Steel 2 piece case. Pillowball mounts  provide bind free operation and precise feedback to the driver. 

Our lower mounts are engineered extensively for strength with key area’s reinforced. They are designed with all of the features of the OEM system to be sure every brake line and ABS sensor harness is securely mounted. This keeps installation simple and straightforward.

Our shock bodies are made from ultra high strength JIS G3445-STKM13C(DIN2393-ST44-2) carbon steel and are electrolysis nickel  plated for resistance to corrosion and fatigue in harsh climates.We use a 44mm Linear type piston in our shocks. This style piston gives both excellent track benefits as well as maintains ride quality. Every single shock is hand assembled, and dyno tested to insure dampening and compression valving is within 5% variation from side to side. There is no random inspection or tests, every single shock is dyno tested. In the event the shock fails, the internals are discarded and it goes back to the assembly room. We use cold-bent springs made from high strength SAE9254 steel.

18 Month limited warranty.

Default Spring Rates: 8k front, 5k rear. Custom spring rates available on request. 

** Cars equipped with DCC from the factory will require DCC deletes to avoid warning lights and errors.

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