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Ecutek Flash Point


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Ecutek Flash Points

VAG TCU - 175

VAG ECU - 225

Nissan GT-R ECU - 300

Nissan GT-R ECU 2MB - 375

Nissan GT-R TCU - 175

Nissan 370Z  ECU - 225

A90 Supra/BMW B58 ECU - 375

Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S ECU - 225

You will need to purchase the quantity of flashpoints listed above for your desired application.

If you own a VWAG EcuTek Dongle and need to purchase an Ecu Flashing license. you would purchase 225 units of "flashpoints". If you wanted to add the TCU as well, purchase a total of 400 flashpoints.

Upon receiving your order EQT will load your dongle with the appropriate amount of 





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