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EA888 Gen 3 2.0T Vacuum Pump Conversion Kit - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T


  • $ 195.00


The 034Motorsport Vacuum Pump Kit for Volkswagen and Audi EA888 2.0T Gen 3 can be used to replace an OEM 2.0T vacuum pump or to be used as an upgrade on 1.8T vehicles that require 2.0T fuel pump upgrade options to meet higher fueling demands for ethanol, pump gas, and bigger turbo setups.

Volkswagen and Audi EA888 1.8T Gen 3 owners can benefit from this kit as a direct drop-in upgrade for tuning applications requiring 2.0T fuel pump options. The 034Motorsport Fuel Pump Upgrade can easily be paired with this upgrade, allowing for 38.6% more fuel flow than the standard OE 2.0T pump. This increased flow allows the fuel system to meet the higher demands for ethanol, race gas, more pump gas and pairs perfectly with ECU software that requires a larger 2.0T High Pressure Fuel Pump setup!


  • Run Upgraded Fuel Pump (034-106-6060) on EA888.3 1.8T Motors
  • OE Vacuum Pump from EA888.3 2.0T
  • Includes an OEM Replacement Gasket
  • Genuine VW Parts
  • Direct Replacement
  • NOTE: This will not work with stock 1.8T fuel pump.


  • 06K 145 100 J
  • 06K 145 100 B
  • 06K 145 100 BB


  • 1x) OEM Vacuum Pump (06L 145 100 K or M)
  • 1x) OEM Vacuum Pump Gasket (06H 103 121 J)

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