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Blaze Performance R600 100mm Replacement Filter - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T/2.0T

Blaze Performance

  • $ 135.00

Blaze + EQT NAR

Are you looking for an Upgrade filter for your Racingline R600 Intake system? Or a replacement for your Blaze Performance R600 Upgrade kit?

This product fits your existing Racingline R600 intake system (100mm inlet pipe required) and can be used as a direct replacement, or as a part of an upgrade. To fully optimize your R600 kit check out the Blaze Performance R600 Upgrade kit here.

R600 Filter Upgrade


  • Fits VAG MQB EA888 Racingline R600 Induction Kit
  • 100mm (4inch) dry cotton filter allows greater airflow
  • Increased power and torque.

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