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EQT Coil Grounding Kit (CGK) for EA888.3


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Verify your coil pack connector part number for fitment prior to purchase - See the fitment tab below

The EQT Coil Grounding Kit (CGK) is designed and engineered to provide a simple solution for a common problem on the MQB EA888.3 Platform.

The Problem:
The factory cam cover is soft aluminum and is prone to stripping regardless of how careful you are when removing or installing the OE stud. Your ignition coil uses this stud to ground the coil circuit and any amount of damage can occur in a weak ground which may induce unnecessary knock retard or reduced spark energy, even if the threads are only mildly damaged.

The bolt is often removed and installed when servicing the ignition system or performing engine testing. Such as replacing spark plugs, ignition coils, performing compression, or a leak down test, etc.

VWAG in their infinite wisdom also uses oval bolts which exacerbates the problem the more times they're removed and installed. 

The Solution:
By isolating the ignition coil ground to its own circuit and grounding it to the chassis, the need to remove the top nut is no longer necessary and the risk of having a weak, loose, or damaged ground is removed.

While you still need to remove the stud in order to remove the ignition coils, you don't need to "double nut" it anymore in order to ground the circuit -- preventing the chance of a weak circuit.

Without the need for a stud on top of the bolt, you can easily replace your existing hardware with round M6x1.0 thread pitch bolts instead of the OE oval hardware.

OE Hardware is N91229201 and measures 45mm UHL (Under Head Length) and 12mm OHL (Over Head Length). To replace this stud with an appropriate size bolt you would want M6x1.0 x 45mm. You may also use a 40mm length if you chose but it's a touch short. 

For a Hex Cap screw check out McMaster Carr Part #91292A143

This Coil Grounding Kit (CGK) is constructed of only the highest quality materials including the following:
  • 14AWG and 8AWG M22759/32 Tefzel Wire
  • Raychem SCL Heat Shrink
  • Raychem DR-25 Protective Sleeving
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel M6 Hardware
  • M6 Bore Tin-Plated Copper Ring Terminals

Assembly Quality:
Each kit is assembled by hand in the USA to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Kit Contents
Standard Kit: (DISCONTINUED)
  • Installation Instructions with High-Resolution images and clear steps
  • 1 x Precision Made Coil Grounding Harness
  • 4 x M6 x 1.0 x 8mm Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screws
  • 4 x M6 x 1.0 Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Pro Kit:

  • Installation Instructions with High-Resolution images and clear steps
  • 1 x Precision Made Coil Grounding Harness with OEM Terminals for direct installation to your factory coil pack connector


Kit Differences
Standard Kit: (DISCONTINUED)
Includes M6 stainless hardware to attach the harness to your existing OE coil pack ground wires. **This is the easiest method of installation and is easily hidden under the factory plastic wire loom and engine over

Pro-Kit: Does NOT include M6 Hardware as a method of attachment. Instead, the CGK is terminated into OEM 3.5 Series terminals with an amp seal which replaces the factory grounding wire entirely. **This installation method requires pinning and depinning of the factory connector and is covered in detail within the installation instructions.

Damaged Connector?
The Pro-Kit also allows you the option to replace any damaged OE coil pack connectors with new factory connectors (OEM PN: 4D0 971 994) which is also fairly common on this engine. Detailed instructions are provided with the pin assignment and wire colors to aid in this process.



Customers who fail to verify their coil pack connector and purchase the incorrect unit will not be eligible for refunds/returns.

All MQB EA888.3/EA888.4  Powered vehicles with 4D0 971 994 coil pack connectors will require the CGK Pro 4D0.  For all others see below for fitment. 
  • GTI/GTI & Golf R - Utilize the Grounding Lug behind the passenger Headlight
  • A3/S3 - The grounding lug is located behind the passenger headlight on the frame, closest to the fender. You may also utilize the M6 threaded hole on the engine mount if the grounding lug is not easily accessible 
  • 8Y A3/S3 - You may want to route the grounding lug to the driver side and utilize the OE chassis grounding location near the rear of the battery.
  • Mk8 - Fitment confirmed. Same as Mk7/Mk7.5
  • Vehicles with With connector 8K0 971 994 you require the Pro 8K0 Kit and will not work with the 4D0 connector.

Customers who fail to verify their coil pack connector and purchase the incorrect unit will not be eligible for refunds/returns.


Installation Instructions (PDF)

Audi 8Y S3 Fitment Confirmed courtesy of Bryce Jordan Productions. Video Below

Does this kit remedy the loose bolt problem?

The EQT Coil Grounding Kit removes the dependency on the factory coil securment hardware to ground the ignition circuit.

By no longer requiring the factory fastener it does allow you to utilize a true round m6x.10 metric fastener which has a much lower chance of causing damage to the threads.


It does not remedy any existing damage to the cam cover threads where the M6x1.0 metric fastener threads into, that is on the installer to resolve by means of a Helicoil or Timecert.

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