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Ringer Racing Clutch & Flywheel Kit (TSI FWD)

Ringer Racing

  • $ 1,404.00
  • Save $ 15600

If you're looking for a street friendly driving experience with a race track level of performance, look no further than the Ringer Racing lineup of clutch kits.

Ringer Racing is a smaller operation out of Arizona, owned and operated by Mike Hood. Mike brings decades of racing experience to the table and that experience shows in the products he delivers.

Ringer Racing teams up with Clutch Masters to produce a clutch kit that is specifically designed for Volkswagen/Audi's and built to Mike's specifications

A lot of other clutches on the market have an incredibly heavy and uncomfortable pedal feel that makes driving in traffic to and from the race track an absolute pain. 

Ringer Racing is able to offer clutch kits with a premium torque rating that doesn't feel like leg day at the gym. 

FWD Only
MK5,6 7, 7.5 With TSI Engine

This kit includes:
Ringer Racing 2300lbs Self Adjusting Pressure Plate
Ringer Racing Sprung Clutch Disk (For use with Single Mass Flywheel)
ClutchMasters Billet Steel Single Mass Flywheel
New Flywheel and Pressure Plate Bolts
 - (ARP Flywheel Hardware upgrade optional)
Clutch Alignment Tool

Stage 3 - Rated to 485 ft-lbs

  • Ideal for Hybrid Turbo with Stock Engine
  • Holding capacity 135% over stock
  • Ductile Iron Casting
  • Sprung hub/cushioned Steel backed disc
  • Steel backed Organic/Cerametalic Material

Stage 4 - Rated to 620 ft-lbs

  • Ideal for Hybrid Turbo with Built Engine
  • Holding capacity 200% over stock
  • Sprung hub/cushioned Steel backed disc
  • Full Face Cerametalic Material on both sides

*Torque Ratings are measured at the flywheel

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