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BFI GSB Napa Leather Golf Ball Shift Knob (Manual) - VW/Audi MQB 1.8T/2.0T

Black Forest Industries

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BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Golf Ball (VW/Audi Fitment)

At long last, the new Weighted GSB Golf Ball Shift Knob is here! This modern update on a classic design is nearly twice as heavy (~235g) than the original with its steel upper portion and aluminum lower, shifting effort is substantially reduced while feel is greatly improved. We don't use just any leather either. Wrapping the top is Napa leather, soft to the touch but with good wear resistance and durability. Simply put, better shifting you can feel. The integrated adapter is designed to work with just about any VW/Audi shift lever. The knob's adapter is secured using three set screws for all models.


  • One Heavy Weight Golf Ball shift knob with integrated VW/Audi adapter
  • One BFI crest logo coin
  • Three set screws
  • Allen key for set screws
  • Shift boot not included. Picture used for illustrative purposes.
  • Our shift knobs will sit at or near the stock height on most vehicles. One exception is the MK7 GTI & Golf R which has a 'hollow' shift knob and shorter selector shaft height. This means our shift knob will sit noticeably lower than stock. Contact us for pictures if necessary.

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