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EQT Subaru Staged Tune. - Equilibrium Tuning, Inc.

EQT Subaru Staged Tune.


  • $ 175.00

This is the next step in modifying your Subaru for better performance after you've installed your intake
The tune will greatly improve the overall response, smooth out drivability, improve fuel economy, and improve the overall reliability of the engine.

Expected power gains are 50-60 Horsepower and 50-60Ft-Lbs of torque. 

We chose the AEM CAI for its excellent fit and finish as well as consistent and stable airflow and MAF sensor characteristics. Some intakes on the market introduce unwanted turbulence around the MAF sensor which can cause inconsistent fueling, power, and drivability issues. Many intakes also do not use heatshields which results in heat soak and very high Intake Air Temperature readings which reduces power and consistency. We've tested many different intakes on the market and found the AEM CAI to be the best all around in all of these categories. 


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