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EQT-SL500 Turbo Upgrade (Subaru WRX 02-14, STI 04+)


  • $ 1,295.00

Introducing the EQT-SL500 Turbo!

This is currently the largest turbo variant we offer and it really shines on E85 or race gas. The SL500 is a step above the SL400 with a larger TD06SL2 based turbine and a custom billet compressor wheel along with a 3in inlet and 8cm exhaust housing. The SL500 can do 400whp on 91 Octane and over 500whp on E85 while still retaining excellent spool and mid range response. Its a great option for those running higher octane fuels that can take advantage of the higher boost and flow levels this turbo can offer.

Here is a dyno chart showing a stock 2011 STI baseline along with a built 2011 STI utilizing the SL500 turbo on 91 Octane and on E85. This car has a built shortblock and flow and fueling mods to support the additional power. As you can see, there is no added lag over a stock STI while making more than twice as much power! The response to power ratio this turbo offers simply can't be beat! 

Orange is the stock baseline. Blue is 21psi on 91 Octane. Green is 26psi on E85.

** These are wheel power/torque numbers from our Dynocom AWD chassis dyno


The price includes water lines, oil lines, and gaskets necessary for the install. 

*** The 3 inch inlet is recommended, but we can make these with a 2.4 inch inlet upon request as well.

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