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EQT ECU STAGED TUNE (A90 Toyota Supra)


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Turn your Supra into an absolute track weapon with our EQT ECU Tune!

About Our Tuning
The A90 Toyota Supra comes with an incredibly sophisticated engine management system from the factory. Working with these ECU's requires an intimate knowledge of engine dynamics and software engineering to be able to properly understand and modify the functionality. Luckily, we have decades of experience in both fields and acquired our own 2020 Supra as an R&D vehicle. Countless hours of in house dyno testing, drivability road testing, and track torture testing go into the development of our calibrations. So you can be sure your car will perform optimally while retaining excellent drivability characteristics and a healthy margin of safety built into every tune.

We go way beyond the standard fuel, boost, and ignition adjustments that are common in the tuning world. We spent the time to go through and map out the complete torque control system, the complex ignition control and knock detection systems, the sophisticated turbo and airflow modeling systems, the fuel management and injection timing systems, and countless other parameters. The end result can be felt any time you drive the car on a track, a fun road, or even for your regular grocery run.  

Special Features of EQT Tunes with EcuTek RaceRom

Multi-Map Select Torque Management 

EQT Tunes come with 4 distinct settings to help put your Supra's power down to the ground.
Map 4 allows full torque in all gears, while Map 1 through 3 limit torque to help you get off the line with minimal wheel spin.

Burble and Torque control on the fly via EcuTek Mobile App
Not only can you adjust the torque via the cruise control live while driving, use of the slider bars within the EcuTek App allow you to customize the burbles and torque live to suit your needs.

Available Fuels
All Tunes are available in;

  • 91 Octane 
  • 93 Octane
  • E50

Power Estimates:
This is a question asked all too frequently, and while we’d love to give you a specific number, there are many variables involved that can affect dyno results. Even taking the car’s modifications out of the equation, there are other variables such as weather, elevation, fuel quality, dyno type, dyno fan setup, etc. that come into play. With that being said, these are ranges that most vehicles will see, given standard modifications and reasonable conditions:

Completely Stock readings on our in-house development car
335.6hp @ 5250rpm / 387.3 ft-lbs @ 3150rpm

Stage 1:

  • Stage 1 (91 Oct) 449.1whp / 563.7 ft-lbs 
    (+33.8% HP) (+45.5% TQ)
  • Stage 1 (E50) 535.6whp / 625.4 ft-lbs
    (+59.6% HP) (+61.4% TQ)

    Stage 1

Stage 2:

  • Stage 2 (E50) 558.8 whp / 638.7 ft-lbs
    (+66.5%WHP) (+64.9% TQ)

    Ethanol Blended Fuels
    When selecting Ethanol Blended Fuels, an Ethanol Content Analyzer is required. For more information, see our FAQ by clicking the icon below

  • If you're looking for even more power catered to your custom setup, see our Custom Tune Here


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