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EQT ECU Staged Tune (VW MK7 GTI/GLI/Golf R) w/AP Bundle


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The Mk7 GTI and Golf R come with incredibly sophisticated engine management systems from the factory. Working with these ECU's requires an intimate knowledge of engine dynamics and software engineering to be able to properly understand and modify the functionality. Luckily, we have decades of experience in both fields and acquired our own Golf R as an R&D vehicle. We have been working very closely with Cobb Tuning through the development of their AccessPort and ProTuner software for this platform. This close relationship gives us early access to the newest features and input into further development and refinement of the system. 

Using Cobb's ProTuner software, we have spent the past few years developing and refining our own set of base tunes or "OTS tunes" for your Mk7 GTI and Golf R to be used with the Cobb AccessPort. Countless hours of in house dyno testing, drivability road testing, and track torture testing went into the development of our calibrations. So you can be sure your car will perform optimally while retaining excellent drivability characteristics and a healthy margin of safety built into every tune.

We go way beyond the standard fuel, boost, and ignition adjustments that are common in the tuning world. We spent the time to go through and map out the complete torque control system, the complex ignition control and knock detection systems, the sophisticated turbo and airflow modeling systems, the fuel management and injection timing systems, and countless other parameters. The end result can be felt any time you drive the car on a track, a fun road, or even for your regular grocery run. We generally see gains of 50-90whp over the factory calibrations depending on model and modification level. But along with those power gains, you will notice greatly improved throttle response, reduced turbo lag, and very smooth power throughout the powerband.  We also offer all the custom features from Cobb. These include our own customized traction control system, flat foot shifting, and burbles/crackles.

When ordering, please select from the options listed for fuel quality, modifications, and special features you would like to be included in your tune. Please note that these maps are meant for the more basic Stage 1/Stage 2 cars using pump gas. If your car is more heavily modified and does not fall into the options available, we also offer custom e-tuning for just about any modification and fuel type available. 


Here are just a couple examples of our tunes. 

The first one is a nearly stock (Stage 1) GTI on 91 Octane. This is showing a baseline pull on the stock calibration, another tuner's e-tune, and our EQT tune:


And here's a 2017 Golf R with Stage 2 Modifications: