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EQT DS1 Staged Tune (RS3/TTRS)


  • $ 300.00

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The DAZA Powered RS3 and TTRS have been a game changer in terms of the performance of every day driven street cars. With many of them in the 8-second quarter mile club.

These vehicles are powered by a Bosch Motronic ECU, MED 17.1.62 which requires a professional calibrator to take full advantage of its abilities. There aren't too many ways to tune these Bosch MED Systems, in the past you were limited to using hexidecimal and special software (WinOLS) to have it make sense, but that was only to edit the files, not to flash them.

DynoSpectrum out of the UK has gone the extra mile to develop DS1, an all in one solution for file modification, flashing, logging, etc. 

Our experienced team here at EQT has been working with and learning the in's and out's of DS1 since its early conception, testing in house on our 2017 Audi RS3.

Using DS1 Software we've spent the past several months developing and refining our own set of staged files or "OTS Tunes" for your RS3 or TTRS. These files have been road tested and dyno tested to perform the absolute best under all conditions while still keeping your engine safe.

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