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EQT Billet Oil Pan (VW Mk7 GTI/Golf R, Audi A3/S3/TT/TTS)

Equilibrium Tuning, Inc

  • $ 499.00

Our oil pan is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum rather than being cast or welded from sheet metal. This offers optimal strength and weight as well as a smooth, clean finish. We integrated external fins all around which aid in cooling, and the oil capacity has also been increased by 1 quart to further increase thermal capacity of the system. This pan is an excellent overall upgrade over the fragile OEM plastic pan. 

We have received questions about the lack of baffles in our pan. Other pans on the market claim to have baffles, but they're really just small raised ridges that have absolutely no effect in our on-track testing. We found that on track, even with sticky race compound tires and sustained high G turns, the factory system has no issue picking up plenty of oil without the need for additional baffles. So these so-called baffles that are common on other pans are just there as a sales gimmick. Since we try to stay away from gimmicks, we chose not to follow the same path. Our pan is large, strong, simple and very effective.