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EQT-SL400 Turbo Upgrade (Subaru WRX 02-14, STI 04+)


  • $ 1,195.00

Introducing the EQT-SL400 Subaru Stock Location Turbo!

This is the next step up from our SL350 turbo and is based on the TD05H-20G with an 8cm exhaust housing and bolt-on fitment. The SL400 provides excellent mid range spool and torque and impressive top end gains as compared to the stock STI VF turbos. 

This turbo is capable of 330whp on 91 Octane and over 400whp on E85. On the street the turbo responds nearly like stock, but keeps on pulling where the stock turbo dies off. This is a perfect option for anyone wanting more top end without significantly sacrificing spool and mid range response.

Check out the dyno chart for a comparison of the SL400 Turbo against a stock STI turbo. The red curve is the EQT SL400 Turbo on a stock engine 2010 STI with light supporting mods, running a conservative 23psi peak on E85. The blue curve is a similarly equipped stock turbo STI running 24psi peak on E85. As you can see, by about 3800RPM the SL400 turbo takes off and really fills in the powerband up top where the stock turbo always falls flat. The SL400 turbo makes over 50whp at peak and more impressively, there is about an 80whp gain above 5500RPM! These gains can be even larger with a built engine. 


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