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DekaClutch Technologies Upgraded DSG Clutchkit

Deka Clutch Technologies

  • $ 1,500.00

Going full send, but don't want to limit that build to factory clutch limits? We've got a solution for that! Introducing the Deka Clutch Technologies DCT upgrade kits! 

These clutch kits come pre-assembled in baskets, ready to drop in* for more overall torque handling. HD Clutch Packs come with upgraded baskets and DCT billet covers. All clutch kits come with upgraded friction and steel discs and new hardware. DCT recommends 16-18bar line pressure on all clutch kits.

  • The DQ250 Stage 2 Clutch is rated to 650+nm (480ft-lbs) of torque
  • The DQ250 Stage 3 Clutch is rated to 900+nm (663ft-lbs) of torque
  • The DQ500 HD1000 0BT is rated to 1000+nm (737ft-lbs) of torque
  • The DQ500 HD1200 0BT is rated to 1200+nm (885ft-lbs) of torque
  • The DQ381 HD1000 is rated to 1000+nm (737ft-lbs) of torque
  • The DQ381 HD1200 is rated to 1200+nm (885ft-lbs) of torque

*Professional installation recommended, as shimming needs to be performed for proper engagement and spacing.

Don't see what you're looking for, from DCT? Contact us and we can get it for you!

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