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CJM Industries - Tapered Hood Vent - MQB Mk7 1.8T/2.0T - Equilibrium Tuning, Inc.

CJM Industries - Tapered Hood Vent - MQB Mk7 1.8T/2.0T

CJM Industries

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This product is powder coated to order. Please allow a 4-6 business day lead time before shipping for any powder coated color.

The CJM Industries hood vents feature a 2 piece design that sandwiches the hood to keep it rigid. They are constructed out of USA made, laser cut 5052 Aluminum. A cutting/drilling template for the hood is included with all orders. If you are installing on an MK7/7.5 we can also include a template to help with placement on the hood to avoid cutting any support structure (select the MK7 template option - $5). 

Our testing with just the vents installed shows a 20*F decrease in peak under hood temps compared to a stock hood. We are providing this information for reference only. We cannot guarantee you will have the same results due to the long list of variables and other bolt-ons that can effect the efficiency of these vents. See graph and read more info here. We do not have IAT temp data yet. 

Rain trays are also available if you are in an area that has frequent rain or snow. They collect the water and drain it to the front outer edges of the engine bay right behind the headlights. If you are using an open intake we strongly suggest installing a filterwears cover; or something similar as a safeguard against water getting sucked into the intake. 

The vents are available in raw aluminum or powder coated. Please note that uncoated parts will be deburred and lightly brushed, but may still have minor surface knicks from the cutting process. Gloss powder coatings will have a light orange peel appearance. Please see the images for reference.

We can coat the trim ring, fins, and rain tray different colors. $10 setup fee + powder cost per color. Email for a detailed quote.

The hardware is silver button head stainless steel. The fins are shipped pre-bent for installation with the narrow end towards the front of the vehicle. 

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