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Bosch 4 Bar PUT Sensor


  • $ 49.95

Discontinued - Please see EQT 5 BAR PUT Sensor

Bosch PN: 0281006059
OEM PN: 03K906051

The perfect companion for an EQT 5 Bar TMAP, this Genuine Bosch 4 Bar PUT Sensor is a mandatory upgrade on big turbo setups looking to produce over 29PsiG of boost pressure.

Available for individual sale to add to an existing EQT 5 BAR TMAP or as a combination to have the ultimate sensor package allowing you up to 43.5psi on the PUT, and 58psi on the MAP.

**Custom tuning is required.


Sensor Location

This Sensor replaces the factory G31.

Sensor Locations
MQB 2.0T EA888.3 Equipped vehicles
*Does not work with DAZA, or EA888.1 / EA888.2

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