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A2B Motorsport RS3 Brushless Fuel Pump Kit for MQB

A2B Motorsport RS3 Brushless Fuel Pump Kit for MQB

A2B Motorsports

  • $ 950.00

Now Introducing A2B's RS3 Fuel Pump retrofit kit for the FWD AND AWD MQB 4 Cylinder cars.  

This pump kit allows for 500whp+ on full E85.  This kit is designed for filling the gap between the Iroz Brushless pump and the walbro 525 pump with a torqbyte.  The Pump Kit comes with its own controller eliminating the risk and worry of burning up the stock controller during load.  Also the no modified basket allowing for almost seamless plug and play and no need to modify the basket and risk breaking it.  Fully Assembled drop in assembly.

Kit Contents:

  • Brand New OEM RS3 Brushless Fuel Pump
  • Control Module
  • Plug and Play Harness
  • Machined Fittings for FWD or AWD Applications 
  • Fuel Float Notes: AWD Cars will require splicing of 2nd float in the tank, Kit contains the pig tail and instructions will be provided on request. FWD Cars will need the Float pins on the body side to be repinned into provided new connector
  • Fuel level will need recalibration using OBD11 or Vagcom.

How to Install for AWD:

How to Install for  FWD:

NOTE: Tuning is required to get correct operation of the fuel pump.

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