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034Motorsport Replacement Front Rotor Ring Set (370mm) - Audi MQB 2.5T


  • $ 665.00


This rotor replacement kit is designed to be used with the 370mm 2-Piece Floating Front Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit for Audi 8V.5 RS3, or the same kit for the TT-RS which is a complete replacement brake rotor and caliper carrier kit, designed to work flawlessly with the factory rear calipers. Upgrading your rotors will increase overall braking performance in street, track, and HDPE driving conditions, as they keep your brakes cool and strong all day long!

This replacement ring kit allows you to easily refresh your rotor set with brand new Rotor Rings and accompanying hardware when your original rings are worn down and in need of replacement. This kit makes refreshing your brake kit cost-effective and simple while retaining the same performance braking upgrades!


  • Cost savings over replacing entire brake discs
  • Same specs as original rotor rings:
    • CM-250 Special Alloy
    • J-slotted Friction Face
    • 72 Curved Vanes Force Cooling Air through Brake Disc


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