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EQT 5 Bar Boost Pressure Sensor - Toyota Supra (A9x)


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Upgraded Sensors are a necessary upgrade for any Big turbo, if you're on pump gas or E85, this package will allow you to make the most power your turbocharger has to offer.

On B58/S58 Powered vehicles with hybrid turbos, these are instrumental in tuning beyond the stock sensor limits (4bar). 

** Custom Tuning Is Required. Will not work on factory/staged tunes.


This sensor replaces the factory location sensor and installation/removal is the same as OEM. Please reference your Factory Service Manual for the correct procedure.

The EQT 5 Bar Boost Pressure Sensor will replace the OE Boost Pressure Sensor as seen in the photo below on BMW/Toyota B58 and S58 engines.


All B58 and S58 Powered BMW/Toyota Vehicles

  • BMW - F Series 
  • BMW - G Series
  • Toyota - GR Supra (A9x)
Sensor Scaling

Boost Pressure Sensor Scaling

Voltage Bar Millibar Kpa
0.5v 0 Bar 0.0 mbar 0 kpa
4.5v 5 Bar 5000 mbar 500 kpa

Your ECU may use different units for scaling. While metric units are just a matter of moving the decimal, the commonly found units are provided above.

*NOTE: Requires tune with proper sensor scaling. Will not work on factory/staged tunes

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