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EQT Power Pack Stage 3 (15-17 WRX)


  • $ 3,675.00

This package build upon the Stage 2 Pack by adding an intercooler, TGV Deletes, and a bypass valve. This is the best overall combination of parts to extract everything the stock turbo has to offer. Expected power gains are 70-80 Horsepower and 80-90Ft-Lbs of torque. 

This setup consists of an AEM Cold Air Intake, Invidia Catted J-Pipe, Invdia Q300 Catback, IAG TGV Deletes, ProcessWest Verticooler, Boomba BPV, and Cobb AccessPort V3 with EQT Custom Base Map

-- We start with an AEM Cold Air Intake which increases airflow and improves overall response. We chose the AEM CAI for its excellent fit and finish as well as consistent and stable airflow and MAF sensor characteristics. Some intakes on the market introduce unwanted turbulence around the MAF sensor which can cause inconsistent fueling, power, and drivability issues. Many intakes also do not use heatshields which results in heat soak and very high Intake Air Temperature readings which reduces power and consistency. We've tested many different intakes on the market and found the AEM CAI to be the best all around in all of these categories. 


-- Next we free up flow on the exhaust side with an Invidia Catted J-Pipe. We chose this J-Pipe for its excellent quality and fitment. The Invidia J-Pipe is made from 3" mandrel bent polished stainless steel tubing. The J-Pipe features high quality thick cast exhaust flanges that are tig welded and 3 O2 sensor bungs, including 1 for an aftermarket sensor.



-- Then we complete the exhaust system with the Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust. There are many catback exhaust options out there and most of them perform similarly. We chose the Q300 for this package for its excellent balance of overall power capability, mild-moderate sound levels, and clean looks. This exhaust is will give you Subie a nice throaty sound without attracting too much attention. The smooth bends and 3" piping make for excellent power while the resonator keeps drone down and provides a smoother tone. The fit and finish is also top notch. Please note there are many other catback options available, so feel free to contact us if you prefer a different style.



-- Now that we got the main flow mods out of the way, we optimize flow into the engine using the IAG CNC Billet TGV DeletesThe factory TGV's contain butterfly valves to create a tumble effect to optimize fuel mixture at low load and RPM conditions. Unfortunately they create a significant restriction at higher flow rates. The IAG TGV deletes are one the easiest ways to eliminate the OEM tumbler generator valves on your turbocharged Subaru engine.


-- With all the increased boost and airflow, we want to make sure to eliminate any potential for leaks that would cause a loss of power. The factory bypass valve (bpv) is a very weak plastic piece that leaks a lot of air at increased boost levels. To solve this, we use the Boomba Racing bypass valveThis high performance recirculating bypass valve is precision machined out of aircraft grade billet aluminum. It features an internal brass piston design and is pressure tested to withstand up to 75psi, allowing it hold all of the boost you throw at it. 



-- Finally, we have to efficiently cool all of the boost and airflow that we're getting into the engine. The stock intercooler is extremely undersized and heatsoaks badly even at stock power levels. To solve this issue, we chose the Process West VerticoolerLike most conventional top mount intercooler designs, the stock intercooler lays flat on top of the engine. The air is forced though the scoop’s ducting, and makes a 90 degree turn into the intercooler. With the Verticooler, it is mounted at 15 degrees so when the air enters the scoop, it SLAMS into the Verticooler. This makes for more cooling efficiency which means more power, more response, and a happier engine. 


-- We round out the setup with a Cobb AccessPort V3 with an EQT Custom Base Map. The Cobb AccessPort is the world's best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution that gives us full control over the factory ECM. With this package we include an EQT Base Map custom tailored to these specific modifications to optimize power, response, drivability, and reliability. We achieve this by fine tuning and optimizing boost levels, air/fuel ratios, ignition timing and cam timing for the specific parts and fuel being used. Our custom base map for your car will be loaded onto the AccessPort and ready to install. 


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