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EQT-SL350 Turbo Upgrade (Subaru WRX 02-14, STI 04+)


  • $ 1,195.00

Introducing the EQT-SL350 Subaru Stock Location Turbo!

The SL350 is an 18G based turbo with a 7cm exhaust housing and bolt-on fitment. We spec'd out this turbo to provide an option for customers looking for nice power without sacrificing any low end response. We ended up with a combination that spools at least as well as a VF39/43/48 but is capable of making about 20-25whp more on the top end. The transient response is amazing as the turbo starts to make boost at just about any RPM. This is the perfect option for upgrading from a TD04 or replacing a worn VF turbo. The EQT-SL350 can do 300whp on 91 Octane and over 350whp on E85!

This dyno chart is from a 2006 WRX on a stock engine running the EQT-SL350 turbo, ID1000cc Injectors, upgraded TMIC, Catted TBE, Walbro Fuel Pump, and EWG. The car was tuned to a conservative 18.5psi on 91 Octane. 

The price includes water lines, oil lines, and gaskets necessary for the install. 

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