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DynoSpectrum DS1 for RS3/TTRS

DynoSpectrum DS1 for RS3/TTRS


  • $ 1,299.00


DynoSpectrum has created a great option for TTRS and RS3 owners who are looking for that next level of performance and customization. DS1 offers a lot of the same features as a standalone engine management system without the headache of reduced drivability or losing any of your OEM Features. 

If you're tired of being locked into a generic OTS Tune and need a tune that is tailored to your vehicle and your needs, as well as has room to grow into your next setup, then DS1 is the answer for you. 


With DynoSpectrum DS1 we're happy to offer 3 different levels of service. You can purchase EQT Optimized Staged Tunes (coming soon), an EQT Custom Tune (coming soon) tailored to your setup, and DS1 includes DynoSpectrum's own OTS Files. (Charts Below)


 DS1 offers a ton of great features that you're going to want for your TTRS or RS3.

  • Realtime Flex Fuel with Virtual Cockpit Content Display
  • Live Maps switching
  • Optional Rolling Anti-Lag
  • Option Scramble Button
  • Customized Datalogging 
  • Ultra-fast vehicle flashing
  • Realtime Tuning
  • Customizable Virtual Cockpit Gauges 
  • Bluetooth Flashing
  • OTS Tunes and Professional Tune options
  • OTS Tunes for Multiple Octanes (91, 93, 100, E85)

Here are some results from DynoSpectrum OTS Tunes
Stage 1 91 Octane (R/M)

Stage 1 E85

Stage 2 91 Octane (R/M)

Stage 2 E85


 Currently DynoSpectrum does not offer DSG Tuning for the DQ500 at this time. 


DynoSpectrum DS1 
  • Includes DS1 OTS Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 2 980cc Injector Maps
  • Includes Preset Map Switching for multiple octanes and special features 
  • Customizable Virtual Cockpit display (Boost, Ethanol Content, AFR, etc)
  • High-Resolution Data Logging
  • Flash from your phone or computer via bluetooth

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