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Zach's 2011 STI with EQT-SL450 Turbo!

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is the very first car we have run our brand new EQT-SL450 turbo on and it did not disappoint! We recently finished this build, the customer quickly put on the break-in miles, and we finally got to see what this newest EQT turbo could do. This build consists of:

IAG Stage 3 Tuff Closed Deck Block
EQT Refreshed heads with bowl blend (stock valves and cams)
EQT-SL450 Turbo
ID1300cc Injectors
Walbro 450lph Fuel Pump
Custom Fuel Pump Controller
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit With Fuel Pressure Sensor
Cobb FPR Retrofit Kit
Process West TMIC
Turbosmart Kompact BPV
Perrin 3" Inlet
Tomei UEL Header/UP
GrimmSpeed EWG UP with Tail 44mm EWG
Invidia Downpipe
Invidia Q300 Catback
Company 23 Anti-Surge boost solenoid
Cobb AP V3 with EQT Custom Flex Fuel Tune

We started the tune on 91 Octane and ended up with an impressive 350whp/368ft-lbs at 21psi of boost. The spool was also excellent so we were very happy with the results on our less than ideal California 91 Octane. Then we moved on to E85 and that's where this turbo really surprised us! As we kept turning up boost, the turbo was really getting into its sweet spot. We ended up running 26psi peak tapering to 24psi by redline. This netted 464whp and 475ft-lbs of torque. This is some of the most power we've made out of a stock location turbo and better still, with awesome spool and response! On the road this turbo spools up extremely quickly and slingshots the car from almost any RPM. It even manages to hit 22-23psi in 1st gear!

Here is the dyno chart with the results compared to a stock 2011 STI baseline:

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  • Great news, those are some good numbers. Im hoping mine comes close, that turbo just sings and begs you to put your foot in it.

    Eggman on

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