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Simon's 2013 STI with EQT-SL500 Turbo

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here's a really nice build we wrapped up and tuned recently. This 2013 STI got an IAG Stage 4 Plus Closed Deck Block, EQT SL500 Turbo Upgrade, KillerB Header/UP with Tial EWG, TBE, CAI, Inlet, EBCS, AOS, Process West TMIC, ID1300cc Injectors, DW300c Fuel Pump with Custom Hardwire Kit, Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, Cobb FPR Kit, Cobb Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit, Cobb MAP Sensor, and Cobb AP V3 with EQT Custom Tune. 

This car turned out really nice with completely stock like drivability and great overall response. We tuned the car on 91 Octane and kept it very safe due to varying fuel quality and hot weather. The car still made a nice 385whp at about 19psi. Then we switched it to E85 and turned up the boost to 26psi to make an impressive 530whp! 

Here's the dyno chart showing the 91 Octane and E85 tunes. Further testing on a cooler day showed the turbo spooling about 400rpm sooner than during the hot dyno session. 

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