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Scott's 2016 GT-R

Posted by Ed Susman on

This 2016 GT-R came to us with only 4000 miles on the clock with no modifications. The customer was looking for a significant bump in power while keeping the car street friendly and quiet. So we spec'd out a nice FBO setup along with flex fuel, but kept the OEM catback exhaust to keep the noise levels reasonable. The final setup consists of:

SBD Downpipes
AAM Resonated Midpipe
SBD Intakes
ID1050x Injectors
EQT Spec Flex Fuel Kit
EQT Custom Tune using Cobb AP V3

We kept the tune on the mild side but still got very good results. Here are the charts on 91 Octane and E85, both at 18.5psi peak:

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