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Kevin's 09 GT-R - added FMIC and Inlets

Posted by Ed Susman on

It's very rare that we get to do a good back to back comparison with minor bolt-on mods. But today we got to see what an upgraded FMIC and turbo inlet pipes would add to an otherwise FBO Flex Fuel GT-R. 

This is an 09 GT-R that we initially tuned about a month ago with downpipes, exhaust, intakes, injectors, fuel pumps, and flex fuel. The car made about 580whp on E85 but the customer wanted to hit the 600whp mark. So today we added an AMS Alpha Street Intercooler and some DBA turbo inlet pipes and re-tuned the car with the new mods. We ended up hitting 603whp with good gains through the powerband. That's a 23whp and 20ft-lb gain while still keeping torque in the safe range. 

Here's the dyno chart showing the comparison:


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