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Kat's Edelbrock Supercharged BRZ

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is a Subaru BRZ that came in for a tune. The owner of this car installed the Edelbrock Supercharger kit before bringing the car in. This car has no other mods at all (still on the stock cats and exhaust). The owner originally wanted some help loading the supplied tune from Edelbrock but then decided to do a custom tune a few days later.

Since we haven't tuned this kit before, we did a couple baseline pulls on the supplied tune from Edelbrock before starting the custom tune. For reference, stock BRZ's dyno around 150whp on our dyno. With the supplied tune, the car made about 200whp which wasn't bad, but a bit low for the ~10psi that this kit is running. The drivability and overall fuel curve also left a lot to be desired. After a few hours on the dyno, we were able to really smooth things out and make some huge gains throughout the power band. The results were very impressive as this car made excellent power for 91 Octane and a fully stock header and exhaust system. The drivability and response are also excellent and this is now one of my favorite supercharger options for this platform. 

Here's the dyno chart showing two baseline pulls and two final pulls after the custom tune:

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