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James's 2015 WRX Stage 2 + Flex Fuel

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here's a 2015 WRX with all the major bolt-ons plus Cobb's flex fuel setup. These engines love E85! The setup consists of:

J-Pipe + Exhaust
Mishimoto Intake
Process West Verticooler
Boomba BPV
TGV + EGR Deletes
DW300c Fuel Pump
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

We tuned the car using the Cobb AP V3. It's running 19psi on 91 Octane and 20psi on E85. As you might notice, we limited mid range torque to keep the rods and bearings happy. These are the weak points in these engines, so things must be kept a bit tame there to keep them running reliably. Still, the car moves really well with all that nice top end power and broad power band. Here's the dyno graph:

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