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HungJen's 2014 GT-R Track Edition

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is a nice 2014 GT-R that came in for a tune. This one is nearly stock with the only mods being an Armytrix midpipe and catback along with some HKS panel filters in the stock airboxes. This customer uses the car for auto-x and wanted a nice smooth and even powerband. This car was previously e-tuned, but the customer was looking for some more refinement and a couple custom features to be implemented. We tuned the car using Ecutek RaceRom at 17psi peak on 91 Octane. We were able to achieve some really nice power for the minimal modifications. And most importantly, we got a very flat torque curve and power that holds out all the way to redline. We were also able to provide the customer with a custom on the fly setting that adjusts his boost targets in the lower gears so he can dial in whatever he needs for the given conditions and course he's running that day. 

Here is the chart at 17psi:

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