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Ethan's 2016 BRZ - SBD Turbo Kit, GTX3076, Flex Fuel

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is a 2016 BRZ that we helped put together and tuned on 91 + E85. This car is running the SBD Turbo Kit with the upgraded GTX3076 option. We also added ID1000cc injectors, Fuel Pump, and Flex Fuel Kit. We then tuned it on 91 Octane and E85 using Ecutek RaceRom. Considering these cars start out at about 150whp, these are some really impressive numbers! The car is still on the stock engine, so the tunes were kept conservative. The stock clutch also started slipping on the E85 map, as you can see by the dip in the chart on spool. Look out for this car at your local track!

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