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Erik's EQT Built 2013 GT-R

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is a 2013 GT-R we built a while ago. The customer has been doing track days with it and ran into fuel starvation issues. So we updated the build with an AMS Omega Brushless fuel pump system and did a little more tuning. With the additional fueling, we were able to run more boost on the car and made almost 100whp over the previous tune!

This car has an EQT built block using a BC Stroker Kit. The heads are CNC ported with big valves and Kelford cams. For airflow, we're running the ETS GTX30 turbo kit, ETS race FMIC, SBD Intakes, SBD Midpipe and Exhaust. The fuel system consists of all custom fuel lines with fuel rails, ID2000cc Injectors, Fore FPR, and the AMS Brushless Fuel Pump system. Finally, the car is tuned using a Cobb AP V3. Here is the graph on E85 at 34psi peak tapering to 31psi by redline:

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