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Erik's 2011 STI - Street and Track Stroker Build

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is a 2011 STI that we built a few years ago and did some updates recently. This car is used as a daily driver in Tahoe and gets absolutely abused on the track. The setup was designed to keep the car nice and quiet to retain its street manners while still giving tons of power and response for ripping it through the back roads and every road course in the area. This build consists of:

EQT Built 2.7l Shortblock (BC Stroker kit, Benson Sleeved)
Cosworth CNC Ported Heads, big valves, 272 cams
ATP Gen 2 GTX3071 Stock Location Turbo
UR EWG UP/DP with re-routed dump with Highflow Cat
Milltek Exhaust
KillerB Header
Cobb SF Intake with Box
Process West TMIC
TurboSmart BPV
ID1300cc Injectors
Walbro 450lph Pump
Fuel Rails with Aeromotive FPR
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit
Cobb AP V3
Company 23 EBCS
EQT Custom Tune

Here is the graph of the car on 91 Octane at 18psi and E85 at 25psi:

My favorite part about this car is that it drives just like stock and the stroker motor spools that turbo nearly like stock as well. But once you get into it, there's a ton of power on tap. This car has been put through its paces at a couple track events recently and never missed a beat!



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