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EQT 2016 Golf R Testing

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is my daily driver 2016 Golf R with DSG. I've owned the car for about 6 months now and put about 5000 miles on it including 3 track days. The car has been a pleasure and an absolute blast to drive on the street and track. Aside from having fun with it, however, I've had very little time to mess with the car in terms of parts and tuning so far. I've been running the APR intake and APR stage 1 tune for the last 1500 miles, but I never had a chance to see what it does on the dyno. 

Today I finally had a little break in my schedule, so I put the R on the dyno to do some baseline pulls. Currently the only power mods on the car are the APR intake and APR Stage 1 91 Octane High Torque Tune. I did 3 pulls like this, flashed the ECU back to stock and did another 3 pulls for comparison. 

I knew this car felt quick, but even I was surprised with the results. For reference, a stage 2 STI makes 270-280whp on our dyno. So seeing over 300whp out of this car with just an intake and tune is really amazing! Now I can't wait to throw in a downpipe and larger FMIC to see what this little car can really do!

Here is the dyno chart showing the comparison:

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