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Dave's Built 2012 STI - Over 600whp!

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here's a 2012 STI we built from scratch. The main features are an IAG Closed Deck block, built heads with BC272 cams, ETS Rotated Turbo Kit with GTX3076, ETS FMIC, complete fuel system with ID2000cc injectors, Walbro 450lph pump, Flex Fuel Kit, rails, Tomei UEL header, and various supporting mods. The car is running an EQT custom flex fuel tune using the Cobb AccessPort.   

This is an amazing all around build with a tons of power and a huge powerband thanks to the moderately sized turbo and efficient head package. Here's the dyno chart showing 91 Octane pump gas at 21psi and E85 at 28psi:

And here's a dyno video:

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