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Cody's 2016 VW GTI

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is 2016 GTI we tuned. This is one of the first VW's we've tuned with Cobb so we spent the majority of the day working on refining the calibration. This 2016 GTI has an AWE downpipe, APR Intercooler, CTS Intake, CTS BOV, and Cobb AP V3. The car came in running the Cobb Stage 3 91 Octane Map. So we went ahead and did a couple baseline pulls on the Cobb map, then proceeded with the custom tune.

The Cobb map was doing pretty well on this car already and made some impressive peak numbers with 275whp and about 330ft-lbs of torque, hitting a peak boost of about 24psi. This car has a manual transmission and the customer requested to keep the peak torque at a reasonable level to preserve the life of the clutch. So instead of going for high peak numbers, the task at hand was refining the tune to smooth out the powerband and fill areas around the peaks that were lacking. After some work dialing in ignition timing, cam timing, valve lift phasing, fueling, and boost control, we ended up with slightly higher peak numbers of 280whp and 344ft-lbs. While that's a healthy gain over a well running base map, the impressive parts are the areas of the curve around the peaks where we saw gains of up to 33ft-lbs and 32whp. Along with the power gains, we were also able to make nice improvements in drivability and response to make this hot hatch even more fun to drive around town!

Here is the dyno chart showing the highest of the Cobb baseline pulls in blue and then the last two pulls with the new EQT Custom Tune. 

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